Keep overthinking about what happened last night :( have I made the right decision ?

So I completely broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. We was talking about marriage we are different religions and how it would work. I am Muslim and he is Christian. I said I don’t mind about us not getting married but when we do have children I want to raise them up as Muslims because that’s my belief. ( if they change their mind later on in life I will support it ) And i asked him about what he would want his as Christians. Also he admitted he has commitment issues as well. Because I basically keep asking him to give me time and he says he don’t go on his phone much. Everytime he says he will change and he never does. It’s the same thing all the time. I said to him tell me your thoughts on the situation he said I heard your thoughts. I said tell me yours and he wouldn’t. He wanted to go home I stood near the door and said tell me he wouldn’t I went after him because I thought he was crying. But he said ‘ are you mad I’m not going to cry’ but his eyes were red. & as he’s walking I said so your going to walk of then he goes I will call you later. I just keep overthinking the situation if I said anything stupid? He said he also can’t give 100% commitment because he dosent know were he’s going to be in life and that nothing would change between us. I said to him you can’t give me small commitment what will happen when it comes to big. & then before any of this conversation he was like I need to put a baby in you so I can keep you forever. Have I made the right decision letting him go completely or have I done/said anything stupid 🥺 I can feel I made the right decision. But just worried incase I said something silly.
Keep overthinking about what happened last night :( have I made the right decision ?
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