Are relationships a trap?

You're always facing to compromise on anything, you have to fill new expectation (after work and family expectation getting a partner give you even more expectation), you cannot go out when you want, dress like you want, you may not always agree on the holliday destination, or what to eat, which restaurant going to, which family to go for spending Christmas or new years, if you don't like their friends much you're in deep shit and have to support them.
Also more than 50 % of people cheat on their partner no matter if they're married or not, also time for sleeping, if you're a night owl and he's not and want to go to bed at the same time it's new trouble, etc...

So is relationship a trap just like what working is? (working endless hours for a shit pay to be able to buy worthless stuff that you don't need and can live without and being always too tired after work to do anything, using the week end to be able to sleep healthy amount of hours cause you can't in the week end, having to deal with hypocritical and annoying coworker all just for a getting your dumb boss more money).

And getting a relationship on top of that just seem to be pure hell (even more if yo iahve children cause then someone depend on you want you're trapped for life forcing to be submissive to a shitty job jut to feed your child).
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Are relationships a trap?
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