Am I over over reacting to his friends nude Instagram?

My boyfriend of 7 months had this young female flatemate. She recently moved out and I tried to add her on Instagram but she rejected me yet has my man and the other flatemates on her friends list. I thought it was suspicious. She posted herself on his motorbike and when I asked why she had been on his bike he said she needed a lift when looking for houses to move.. She has begun posting full frontal nudes on Instagram and I reported it. It was removed due to breaching policy. She made her account private and continues posting it. I've told my boyfriend I'm uncomfortable that he is following her and seeing her nude. He said she is his friend and can post what she wants and even if I'm angry it's my problem and he doesn't wana talk about the subject again. Is he in the right or is he disrespectful of my feelings and concerns? Should I continue a relationship with someone who respects his female friends nude account more than his own girlfriend? Thoughts?
Am I over over reacting to his friends nude Instagram?
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