Does she not like me?

I have a cousin that I wasn't close to as she lives far away in another state, we've met a few times and kept in touch here and there. Last year I visited her and her family for a week and we relatively kept in contact.

She is in school and an ER nurse... so during the pandemic things have been busy.

We talked once after a year on video call in early summer and kept in touch via a few messages here and there.

She called me on my birthday 2 months ago, I was at work couldn't answer but I called her back later that night/next day... no answer.

Then a few weeks later I called her tried to setup a video call... just one reply no real answer.

I messaged her merry Christmas on Christmas day... no answer

I messaged her... happy new year... no answer

Then a few days ago I messaged her asking if everything was ok... she replied said yes she's just been very busy and wanted to setup a video call.

We tried to setup a video call.. she asked me if a certain day worked for her... and what time... I replied with the date and time... and no answer

What should I do? Do I say anything or what should I say if and when she replies back?

I am just getting the sense she's being formal because we are related but actually doesn't like talking to me.

Makes me really sad I'm not close with many cousins and I am an only child.
Does she not like me?
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