Can you ever get the attraction back once you start seeing your boyfriend as your lazy teenaged son?

Here are the main issues:

- He put off graduating university until a year after me so we couldn't move back home when we'd agreed we would.

- He is very attached to his pizza delivery job even though his car is falling apart. I know it's hard to find a decent job during a pandemic but I just found a better job so I wish he'd at least make an effort.

- He is very lazy about cleaning up after himself even though I have severe asthma and we both have allergies.

- He claims to have depression too but he refuses to go and get a diagnosis so he can be more proactive about dealing with it.

- He keeps trying to put off moving back to our home city even though it would be more affordable and we could be closer to his terminally ill mother. I know that it's extremely painful but I love his mom and I want to be with her and make memories with her while we still can.

- He has a car and I do not yet I am usually the one who buys and lugs home all the groceries. I also do most of the cooking. He just eats most of the food and most of my snacks.

- He forgets special dates/ holidays. He didn't get me anything for Christmas and I got him something small and thoughtful and then I felt like a fool.

- He goes out of his way to disagree with me on meaningless little things so that I feel like I can't even have a basic conversation with him.

- His sleep schedule is terrible and he says it negatively affects him too but again he won't look for a new job that doesn't require him to stay up until 4 am.

- We both have supportive and emotionally available friends yet I end up being the only person he comes to with emotional issues and it gets overwhelming.

He's like this big messy child who I have to clean up after and feed and work extra hours to support. I don't feel respected at all so my sexuality is completely gone. He's started putting in a bit more of an effort but I don't know how I can ever get that attraction back or get past the hurt of feeling taken for granted.
Can you ever get the attraction back once you start seeing your boyfriend as your lazy teenaged son?
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