Can I get advice on my relationship?

I'm currently in a relationship that'll be 1 year in a few months, it's long distance so we usually call. I don't mind calling a good bit, but it's been hard because he wants to call everyday, which I don't mind if it's for like half the day, but it's for the entire day. I don't have the best mental health at all so, I'm not sure if it's selfish of me to want to not be on call 24/7. I usually have to have a bit of time to myself because it helps a lot. If I ask to leave he gets upset and it sometimes ends in an argument because he said he was hoping to spend time with me. It feels like I get guilt tripped a lot during these situations too. I've tried bringing it up many times I'm not sure if I'm wrong to want to have time where I'm not on call the entire day.
Can I get advice on my relationship?
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