Why is my boyfriends to shy to buy lube?

So my boyfriend and have not seen each other for a month since he went to go see his family for the holidays. Were both pretty horny people so when he comes back which is soon, were planning on do it all night. I told him to buy lube as spit isn't good for anyone (he also wants to try anal which I'm still on the fence) but he told me his to shy to go buy lube and I have to do it.
I get that his shy I am to a bit, I've always been that shy kid but I grew out of it. It just annoys me that sometimes he doesn't fight for things or doesn't ever think to do something nice for me. I am the one who always needs to take charge wether its deciding what we want to eat or where to go, telling him when I want to see him. Feel like I always need to take charge of situations even when we argue all he does is apologise straight away not even being able to talk things out, sometimes I wanna know hows his feeling or when I say I done with our relationship he doesn't even fight for us.

I know lube has nothing to do with this but just got me thinking how much I have to be the boss and it annoys me sometimes I just want thing to be done for me for once. Sorry for complaining just needed to vent and any advice would be nice. :)
Why is my boyfriends to shy to buy lube?
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