My boyfriend is being distance, what should I do?

I've been dating my boyfriend almost 2 years, we are in a distance relationship cause he study aboard so we only met in summer and this year because of covid he came back home and we were happy cause we gonna see each other more.
Ltely this week he started being distance, he barely text, then he said he needs some time alone, I respected that, but after 3 days I became worried thinking maybe something bad happened, I texted him, called him but got no response.
The day after, I called him again and he picked up, he seemed fine then I asked why he wanted to be alone and he said just like that which upsets me, but after talking over texts, he said I don't give him attention and I changed, he said I used to treat him special but now I treat him normal, he even said that the way I go out with him changed, I kept asking him to explain the last part so I can understand but he said I'm so annoying and I should stop.
His words hurt me but I didn't show him that, I asked him if he still cares about me he said not that much, I asked him if he wanna end things between us, he said no, but he said that I fucked up so many time and even if he forgave me he couldn't forget and he keeps seeing those flashbacks, he found an old conversation between a guy and me talking *dirty*, it's an old conversation that happened before we even started dating but he got upset about it cause I didn't tell him, but honestly I forgot that that conversation happened, and that's what he can't forget, he said he didn't regret forgiving me but he keeps saying *I don't know* to every question I ask him, I asked him since he doesn't wanna break up we should fix things between us and he keeps saying *I don't know what to fix* and that made me think that he's not even trying to fix things between us.
I can't work this by my own since we are in this relationship together but I don't know what to do, I love him and I don't want us to end, please HELP.
My boyfriend is being distance, what should I do?
My boyfriend is being distance, what should I do?
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