Has anybody pushed away someone and regretted it?

Has anyone done this? I have and it still bothers me. I met a woman through a mutual friend and we hit it off from the start. She accepted me for me and so on. She was the woman I had been hoping for. However, I have trust issues with women from previous relationships. Nothing but lying, cheating, and unfaithfulness were in my past relationships. She was totally opposite. She was beautiful, loyal, trustworthy, etc. However, I still had a hard time trusting her. On the day we were gonna make it official and be in a relationship she was gonna surprise me with dinner and a hotel room to celebrate. But before she got to me, I accused her of lying to me and talking to someone else. Needless to say, we didn't get together. In fact, we stopped talking for a few weeks. Then out of the blue, she text me saying she missed me. We started talking on the phone and texting then decided to meet and talk things out. We decided to give it 1 more try and see where things went. When. She left she gave me a big hug and nice romantic kiss. I didn't hear from her again for 4 days. When I did, she replied I'm in a relationship with someone else. It pissed me off and I let her have it. We stopped talking again. Apparently her relationship lasted less than a week. She text me saying they had broke up. . we've been talking ever since. I've told her how I feel about her and all but my question is what would you do? See where things go or push her away again?
Has anybody pushed away someone and regretted it?
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