Will we come back together?

This guy and I had a ridiculously strong connection at work and liked each other for months. we started dating during lockdown and things soon became a bit flat. He ended things due to anxiety and said he needed to sort himself out because he had got into bad habits and couldn't be in a relationship with his head everywhere. After 2 days we missed each other too much and started things again. things carried on for weeks including him saying he was falling in love, wanted to look after me forever and wanted us to be together until he panicked again and said he felt something was forced between us. I said the same but thought it was due to lockdown and both of our anxiety causing doubts in each others minds. We said we would sort our heads out and that after lockdown would love nothing more than to try again and make things work. His head is all over the place I miss him like crazy and am doubting our connection due to what he said. I was confident it was due to sitting watching TV all the time as to why something felt forced but also I'm not okay in myself. I have deep rooted issues that I need to sort out and am talking to a therapist to get over my relationship anxiety and overthinking and be happy before I can try with him again. I know we have an insane connection as we did at work before lockdown happened. We both had never felt that way before. How do I get over this and trust in us I'm really struggling
Will we come back together?
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