Is my boyfriend's demand that I progress reasonable?

Long ago in 2010 or 2011, I dumped him on bad terms and called him a loser. I was 23/24 years old at the time and resuming college. I obtained my BA (finishing college for the first time) in June 2016.

We got back together in Oct 2016 and he was very disappointed that at the age of 29, I still didn't know how to cook, clean a house, living with my parents, not working on my major, lacked real work experience (I've been doing nothing but answering calls as a job) nor made any real progress in my life. I once claimed that my goal was to become a successful business woman and own a small company. That's still hasn't happened yet. He's been very pushy on that ever since and made it clear that if there is no huge progress in both cooking and growth as a person he's ending the relationship and keeping me as a friend.

Outcome in our lives:
In his case, he got promoted in 2020 and his goal is to soon become the supermaket manager. He's going to earn a lot more.
Meanwhile, I've been stucked working at as a phone translator reading the same script, no promise of ever getting promoted, can't find a job in my major and can't afford to move out. It's like tables have turned suddenly over the years. He rubbed it in my face that I was that one that once called him a loser... when I was the same as him at the time... had little to offer to the table and had basically done nothing major in my life.

Now I'm dealing with the same pressure I've once said to him. I dumped him long ago because I thought there was no future with him. Now it's the other way around. He thinks that if I don't improve, there is no future for him with me.
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I know how to cook and a clean a house by now and have improved on those aspects. My only concern is growing as a person. I want to get out of forever just working at answering calls and work on my major... make my goal happen... what I wanted long ago.
27 d
Basically he wants to date an equally successful person, either at his level or higher. Ever since he got promoted, he's been more demanding on wanting the same in return from a woman... someone he can be inspired to become better and work as a team.

He was clear that if he had been a manager years ago, he wouldn't have dated me. He's now tired of just dating girls that don't provide the same in return.
Is my boyfriend's demand that I progress reasonable?
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