My boyfriend is very mad at me for accusing him of cheating?

My boyfriend (if 3 years) wouldn’t talk to me after I accused him of having someone else because he wouldn’t let me open his phone. He gave it to me after an argument where I cried and it was a huge fight but he says it’s not a fight. and the next day he came in my apartment and tried to cheer me up because I’ve not been eating and my friends called him to come over and cheer me up but I was upset about the argument and told him to leave me alone and he left. He called me later that night and tried to tell me what happened and he doesn’t like it when I snoop his phone and etc but I was still upset and it ended with another fight. So I texted him. Apologizing and called and he didn’t answer and I asked him if it’s over and he wouldn’t answer. So I called him again the next day and he didn’t reply but called me again and asked me what I wanted.. he was really upset and didn’t want to talk and told me he just called me because he wants to know what I have to say. I asked him if we are over or if he’s breaking up with me and he said I don’t want to answer that and he doesn’t want to talk to me at all and told me to leave him alone. I’m still so sad and I’ve missed him. Should I stop texting him and wait for him to calm down? I know what I did was wrong but I had a bad feeling
My boyfriend is very mad at me for accusing him of cheating?
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