Should I break it off with my girlfriend?

I have been dating these beautiful girl. Yes she is attractive good looking cute. But as the time goes by I am noticing how hard our relationship gets. First of all she is making me go to her church every good dam Sunday. I ask her if she could wear make up for me and she tell me that's a devil's not wanting woman to accept themself the way God made them. I know weird , I gets upset if I say the F- word. As it has been 2 moths now I say it is time her and I started having Sex to get that special bound connection my girlfriend refuse and told me I was surrounded by demons, She has condition that I would need to get approved by her pastor for marriage marry her and I would have to convert apostolic pentecostal. As I see it is a toxic relationship. I am catholic I do believe in god. Anyone on here ever dated a pentecostal?
Should I break it off with my girlfriend?
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