My boyfriend wants to take a break, does that mean he's not serious about our relationship?

We've been together for three years, I've never cheated on him and he's never cheated on me, all of a sudden he told me he wants to take a break and I'm totally confused. I know he cares about me, I try to be a good girlfriend to him cause I want to keep him. He's my best friend and I know he is close with me also, but him wanted a break makes me think he is not serious about me. We've been together so long what would make him think that


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  • the same thing just happened with me and my bf! everything was fine, and within hours, from our last normal conversation I was deleted off his fb and everything, he told me he just needed time to breath, which to me was weird because we live 2 hours away from each other and only saw each other every 2 or 3 weeks, I did the whole calling thing and texting thing trying to find out what the problem was, and it seemed to only make things worse. so, my aunt once told me, you never know how strong you are until you have to be. and that is exactly what I have to be right now. as hard as its going to be, I will not call him, he wants his space, he will get it. I love him enough to respect his decision no matter how bad I am hurt by it, no matter how many times I cry and just pray that he calls me and says baby I love you. one thing about men, they like the chase. if they think they can always have you, they don't want you. it gets boring to them. make him fight for your emotions, that's especially hard for me because when I love, I love hard. no holding back. but I've been told by several people, that if I am not at his feet begging him not to let us go, then he will start to wonder what I'm doing and why I'm not up his butt, which in return will make him chase me again to win back my heart and attention. it could be an issue of commitment issues, and part of me really believes that since I was supposed to be moving in with him in 2 months. it could also be that he isn't used to being cared about so much and the feelings were just overwhelming to him. I am hoping that I can stick to this and things will work out because I can't even picture my future without him in it. we dated 12 years ago and I broke his heart back then, and always had regrets. now we have a second chance and maybe he is scared I would do it all over again and he wants to hurt me before I had the chance to hurt him. but in all honesty, I've had some pretty bad relationships and he is the one for me for my lifetime. so when the boyfriend says he wants a break , give it to him, without even asking a question of why, men don't like rejection, so make him think you were thinking of breaking it off with him. I hope I helped out..


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  • This sounds a lot like what happened with my ex and I. We were together for 3 years, he told me he wanted to marry me someday. Things were great and then all of a sudden it was like a switch went off. Suddenly we weren't spending as much time together, we were both having a crappy year it seemed, then he wanted to take a break. We took one then got back together. Then took another break, then broke up for good. I know this doesn't look very optimistic but maybe the break will just be a break. I know it sucks but it doesn't mean he suddenly doesn't care about you anymore. My ex still tells me he loves me and he is still always there for me. I think you should see this as a chance to just date yourself. People change so much in three years, especially in the 18 to 24 age range. During the break don't call or text him. Let him think things over. He might just want to slow things down a bit. Only he really knows his reasons for wanting to take a break.

  • Uhm you've been together for 3 years and you're questioning whether or not he's serious about you. Well, my opinion is 3 years is a HUGE mark for someone in the 18-24 range as now and days people are all about the hookups and whatnot. Thought I do have to say him wanting a "break" is pretty much a break up. Sorry :(