Doing no contact, what are my chances of getting them back and advice?

Ight this one is a fun one. Me and this girl were friends when I was in highschool and she still is, we’ve been pretty close for 2 years, I am now 20 and she is 18. We started dating back in November after hanging out and talking for several months.

It was great, honestly felt like the best relationship ever, suddenly trust issues and other problems showed up which I’m blaming on the fact that both of us have been cheated on before.

Long story short there is this girl who is my friend who she thinks likes me, this girl and several of my other friends and I were drinking at my house and it pissed my girlfriend off. We had already been off and on for a while and she had been struggling with what she wanted but this pretty much put the nail in the coffin for her, she in the moment said we are done, when we talked in person she expressed she still loved me but was so mad she didn’t even want to look at me, she’s made some decisions like this before in the heat of the moment and has always come back so I have a feeling she will again.

Anyway I saw something on her social media I didn’t really like, so after her telling me during the break up to leave her alone and that she probably wouldn’t want to talk to me again, I texted her saying to stay away from and do not try to talk to me Bc I was mad. That was at 10:30 pm. After that I received a slu of texts messages and calls begging me to speak to her about why I said that, kept trying until midnight and even at 4 the next morning and has still been trying to reach out.

I have since ignored her and have entered no contact to let her miss me and face her decision and see if that’s what she really wants... anybody got any advice on what to do further from here? Oh I should also mention she has been incredibly stressed out lately and 100% is dealing with depression, so, that probably plays a factor here.
Doing no contact, what are my chances of getting them back and advice?
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