Should I leave my amazing boyfriend?

Hi, so my boyfriend (22) and I (19) have been together for 9 months. He is a natural gentleman who spoils me for the sake of spoiling me and not some sick ulterior motive, he shares my desire to wait until marriage, same religion, my parents think he is a good man etc.

His parents do not want to meet me yet because we are different ethnicities. We have been together for so long as his mum has known about it for months and months, and just hasn’t budged or wanted to meet me even now, even though she is full aware that he has met my parents. He is holding a BBQ this weekend at their family home so that they have no choice but to meet me, yet they are still reluctant.

I don’t think I could marry someone who has to choose between me and his family and I have no interest in wasting his time or mine. I love him so much but I feel that out of self respect and respect in general, I should end things with him. I know that this just might be one of those breakups where after, you keep wondering whether that was the right decision. But I can’t deal with this toxicity as he is Syrian and I know that when you marry a Syrian, you marry their family too

I deserve better than this.
Should I leave my amazing boyfriend?
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