HELP! I don't like this guy, what should I say?

So this guy at church expressed how he wanted to have a private conversation with me. When we did he told me how much he likes me, how he wants to know me more, and hopefully get into a serious relationship with me, etc. Then told me to think about it.
Thing is I have known this guy for years and have never felt a romantic interest in him. He is older by a few years (not that it really matters, expect he looks so much older being bald and what not, I still look like a teenager lol). What do I say to him? I dont want to be rude or hurt his feelings. ANn I certainly dont want to make this turn out awkward. We go to a tiny church.. we will always bump into one another.

I haven't told my parents? Should I though, my mom always expresses how much she hates it when I hide info/ or dont tell her something.. she views it as lying. But she has a good relationship with this guy.. and I dont want to make it awkward for my parents either. Any suggestions?
HELP! I don't like this guy, what should I say?
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