With reference to a previous question, what is going on here?

Okay, so summary: I met a girl in June 2019. Had a crush on her but couldn't get her number. Later got in touch with her through social media. She responded enthusiastically. We talked for about 4-5 months. There was some flirting (at least I thought so). I confessed I liked her and wished to ask her out. She rejected me but I expressed the wish to still be friends to which she agreed. But she stopped texting first, wouldn't reply for days together, etc etc. I felt I had hurt her and dropped the whole thing. About 3 weeks back, she texted again with a meme or something. I responded enthusiastically and we resumed talking.
Now she is texting very enthusiastically and we talk every day. She is flirting and I too am since I am still interested if she is. We were planning to meet when our respective colleges reopen but the Covid situation is sort of worsening and the colleges won't be reopening soon. So I suggested that we could Facetime to which she agreed but it is yet to happen since both of us have tests and stuff. We were talking about plays the other day and she said we should go to watch a play sometime. We were talking about shopping hubs in our city and she suggested that we should go to one of the places too. So she keeps saying this stuff and calling me cute or something. But having once been rejected, I am plainly scared to ask her again. What do I do?
Link to the old question:Confused about a girl. What should I do?
With reference to a previous question, what is going on here?
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