My partner gets mad when I wear makeup and text friends?

So I'm not sure if he's insecure, controlling or just a crybaby... maybe all 3. But I don't wear makeup too often but when I do I'll wear it and I'm really good at it. Most the time I wear it so he has something nice to see when he gets home from work. Sometimes I'll post to my instagram which he likes the photos anyway. Now I don't have friends... just recently I got a few friends and I text and snapchat them. Anyways he wanted his coffee made and I told him I forgot because I was too busy cleaning. I don't work so I clean up not only the house but his messes. I have to clean everyday. Then otherwise he complains and says I don't respect the relationship if I don't clean, or he gets mad that it's messy when it's HIS mess. Anyways I was on snapchat talking to one of my friends and he got super mad and said " wow your snap chatting? And your face looks like you are too!" ( He was talking about my makeup) first of all my friends are girls.. except one. Mind you he is ALWAYS on his phone. Half the time he's texting god knows who on facebook or getting drunk calls from his ex's and random chicks. Then on top of that I'm never on my phone and now that I have friends to talk to he gets mad about it! he's on his phone so much his friends and family have to tell him he's being rude. Instead of complimenting me he always ignores me or starts a fight when I look nice. What's up with the double standard?
My partner gets mad when I wear makeup and text friends?
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