Is a sexy woman, intimidating, especially at work?

I have come to a new found realisation. If I flip everything that's been said on its head, and look at the behaviour of some of the men and the women. It's possible that I could be viewed as being sexy.
This is by no means me trying to big myself up but when people boast especially men and women bitch it's usually over a woman they find they have a curiosity in.
I have been in such a dark cloud and negative space that I haven't even considered despite all of this I could ignite such feelings in others...
I haven't really been looking after myself like I used to all I do is wear foundation and do my eyebrows I struggle to maintain my hair, my weight, and I hardly shave especially in this lockdown. But despite this it seems I'm making others extremely uncomfortable...
I realise now what was seen by a colleague was a budding 'romance' so she tried to nip it in the bud by telling me this person was unkind, rude and attempting to establish a position he had no right to have. But that was simply because he is white (she's black)
In this particular instance what 'we' experienced was racism. I'm professional so I actually try to maintain that boundary, but I don't think there is anything wrong with 'flirting'(there words not mine). And I realise being kind is viewed as 'flirting', complimenting others is 'flirting'.
But if that makes for a better day/environment why is being kind, complimentary, or flirtatious a bad thing? I'm not looking for a man but I am able to confidently handle my own.
I really hadn't even thought about my self like this in a long time.
I feel a little embarrassed tbh.
Is a sexy woman, intimidating, especially at work?
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