Is it possible to stay friends and be able to move on?

This guy I was talking to.. and sleeping with.. (still sleep with occasionally) Friend zoned me. He says I’m “too crazy” for him but in reality me and him are similar in a lot of ways.. and get along really well... the things I have done, he has done too.. but I will recognize the toxic and am learning to work on it... I will call him out on the toxic behaviors he has shown and he will deny it and say I’m crazy... and also have called him out on the fact that he clearly won’t let any girl close to him and finds a reason to move on to the next before anything gets serious or he can open up to anyone... but for some reason will find any reason to keep me around still even when I tell him we cannot be friends because he over steps the friend zone a-lot.. I’ve known him a year and there has been many woman come and go since I met him.. Now I’ve stuck around and accepted him for him and his Demons too because I care about him.. And he’s helped me grow so much in the year.. and recognize the toxic behaviors I have from my previous relationship.. I basically love this man but I don’t know how I can move on, and just be his friend... We do argue at times and say we’re done with each other but always end up talking again... Mostly he will contact me first.. I just am torn on what to do.. I want to be there for him.. And I want him happy regardless of with who (even tho I wish he felt the same) ... but how do I move on from someone and stay their friend at the same time when anytime I’m around then I fall for them a little more.. I’ve never met someone so similar to me..

and before anyone makes comments about he keeps you around for sex, 95% of the time we are around each other we do not have sex.
Is it possible to stay friends and be able to move on?
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