Breakup: will we get back together?

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me. Recently he’s been planning our engagement, but in the last month he’s been picking on my every little flaw. Even sometimes things that shouldn’t matter. Then in a bar we were in an argument drunk and he broke up with me. He keeps saying he would consider getting back together if I proved that I’ve changed (become more social), but he’s known me for 5 years and loved me through this. Should I do the no contact rule? Should I do the no contact rule except for sending him snaps of me being social? Do you think he may come back?

Our last conversation, I didn’t respond to his previous text (it didn’t need to be responded to) and he said would you like to keep talking or for me to leave you alone. I said I want some space to do my own thing. He said that’s understandable. It’s been 3 days now since we’ve texted and we normally text all day every day. Should I reach out or wait on him to? How long should I wait?
Breakup: will we get back together?
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