Does my husband truly love me?

We have had a rough last couple years. He cheated in April 2019. I chose to stay as I felt like our love was strong enough to overcome it. It became more an more toxic and fueled by substances. We actually broke up. He got into another relationship with a girl he barely knew that lasted 45 days. He claimed he still loved me when she dumped him. I let him come home and since then he has started hiding hundreds of pictures of nude girls on his phone, started talking to several women 2 of which he planned or talked about wanting them sexually. Said he didn’t know why he did it but that he’s never stopped loving me. I’ve gained weight since we got together 5 years ago, had 3 kids in 3.5 years. How can he possibly love me like he says, but do so many heartbreaking things to me
Does my husband truly love me?
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