Opinions on bringing SO to your house almost everyday?

I grew up in a conservative environment, so when your neighbours see you bring a guy it gives you a bad reputation.
I'm 24 y/o and have only started my job 2 weeks ago. Usually my partner visits our house once every 2 weeks to spend time with me and my siblings and dog. But ever since we got into the same job, I had him come over for an hour and half to let the heavy traffic pass (he lives 1 1/2 hour away from me, another 1 1/2 hour from our work) and do our homework (bc we're required as trainees).
We've been suffering from heavy traffic for almost 5 days straight, and we're wasting time. We leave our house at 5 AM since we work 7AM-4PM, we arrive home by 8PM and do chores. We need the job, since we're starting out into the real world or as adults. we are making most of our time to practice and pass the training.
Now my parents (they are currently away) started to complain he visits a lot and that it leaves a bad image to me and that our neighbours will gossip around. They know when he visits by the way, and said they are okay about it.
I know it's not good to have a guy come over the house, which is why we limit it to 1 meeting per 2 weeks. Our situation rn, gave me this decision.
This is my first relationship (we're almost 2 years), so I need advices on somethings like this.
Opinions on bringing SO to your house almost everyday?
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