Does it seem like he wants me to tell on him?

So I recently found out this guy I was seeing has girls friend and she got pregnant while I was seeing him. I’m trying to break it off with him. I ghosted him because he always tries to talk me back into seeing him. I’ve even told him she had came into my store I work at to shop twice. He text me yesterday and told me that me ghosting him broke his heart and that he has feelings for me and wants me to come hand out with him.
He said he doesn’t need sex but he does need me. I’m thinking what the hell? Does he not think I may get pissed off enough at him For allowing me to be with him and fall in love with him and then find this crap out to tell her and show her over a years worth of him seeing me and begging me not to break it off with him several times? He knows I know where she lives too because that’s how I found out he gas a girl friend. A mutual friend of ours saw them together and she introduced herself as his pregnant girlfriend. I actually feel sorry for her because she’s 13 years younger than us and I feel he’s probably manipulating her he doesn’t even live with her and they supposedly been together two and a half years. At this point so feel he’s just a manipulative no good creep.
Does it seem like he wants me to tell on him?
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