I had a weird dream where I kissed a girl I used to be friends with. What do you think it means?

So I had a dream where I was at like the mall or beach and I saw this girl I used to talk to walking behind me. I was hesitant to turn around but did and she saw me and we both said hi to each other. And then out of nowhere she kissed me and I kissed her back and we both tripped and fell with her falling on top of me, face to face. I think we continued to make out.

Next thing I remember was me being in some store (I think Walmart?) where she was introducing me to one of her male friends, with me being shy. The next thing I remember was us being in someone’s house with a lot of people there. I think it was some sort of party. She was there talking to a bunch of people while I was just there sitting on the couch, being too shy to talk to anyone. That’s all I remember cause I woke up shortly after.

The only clue I could really connect to this dream is that recently, I’ve been a watching a few “true animated stories” on YouTube that had to do with relationships. What makes the dream even weirder is that in real life, she has a boyfriend who she seems happy with.

This girl and I in real life have sort of a weird relationship. So I didn’t really like her at first and found her annoying. I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly that great of a friend at first (which I regret) but eventually I chose to stop acting that way and decided to be nicer. I even sort of thought of her as a love interest at one point, although those feelings came and went quickly. Even though she moved high schools we still talked sometimes although not as much. She moved liked 3 years ago but we still talked sometimes. Around a year and a half ago I texted her out of kindness asking if she wanted to hang out sometime since I knew was flying into town but she just never responded. Who knows, maybe I just said or did something or karma just got back to me.
I had a weird dream where I kissed a girl I used to be friends with. What do you think it means?
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