Attraction between opposite sex roommates?

Didn't know future roommate too well (acquaintances), so I decided to spend some time with her. She actually made the statement once "I thought this was a date!" as she giggled and played with her hair, during our first drink. The whole evening was extremely flirty.

This woman has her life mostly put together, and that which is not, she seems to be conscientiously working towards. My kind of woman right there. so therein lies part one of the problem, I am attracted to her; she is goodlooking and posses character traits that I have been hunting for in a woman, traits hard to find in single ladies in their mid-20s.

Part two of the problem is, I am a charmer and a flirt, and have absolutely been flirting with her. Her reactions are almost always positive. When the reaction is not positive, it is neutral. I proceed to persist in my flirtatious behavior, and she then responds positively. We intimately touch a lot, and I can almost feel her heart throb when I touch her. in short: I sense a lot of sexual tension between us, more than I have with most other women.

I asked her out on a date with our 3rd rendezvous. I believe I said: "I would like to take you out on a date on Friday...". she said yes. Whole evening went great, lots of tension as usual. However, when I walked her to her car, she seemed to reluctantly try and create distance between us, which I read as she mustered her entire being to ensure we didn't kiss. Makes sense considering.

I know I am playing with fire here. She hasn't even moved in yet.

She also seems like she would be a fantastic roommate, regardless of attraction.

Normally, I am bold and go for it. Future roommate is different.

I don't want to ruin the potential of a great roommate, but also have these feelings of attraction that I am quite certain are mutual.

Should I go for it before she moves in? Wait until she does move in and feel it out? Drop it altogether?
Seeking advice here. First time in a long time I do not know what to do.
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not 45 plus, I am in my mid 20s, as is she.
Attraction between opposite sex roommates?
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