Does anyone understand that some people aren't good at communication? Is it a good thing?

Ok so not sure if I will explain this right but I'll tell a story to illustrate.

Recently I was at work and I happened to overhear a brief conversation between a woman (probably in her. 20s) and an older man (probably over 45) and it surprised me because the way he was talking as as if she was a fellow 45 year old. He spoke to her about how happy he was in his relationship and it was such a mature sounding conversation. And I was surprised to see how maturely her speech was as well. I had never really heard her speak much before so I assumed she was probably a regular young woman.

Now this of course is not a testament to her character or virtue at least that I am aware. It is just impressive. I was thinking, 'I don't think I'd ever be able to have such a mature, seemingly genuine down to earth conversation with someone like them. I wonder why he's talking to her like that, as if she's an equal in age. Maybe she's really maturely intelligent.'

I know men around that age who cannot communicate maturely. So I know sex and age is not the determining factor here.

Then I pondered the kind of communication I often share with people. Often it is a childlike one. I do not find it easy to have frank conversation about my feelings about pretty much anything. Whether I need to tell someone they hurt me, or I want to express happiness. I am animal-like. I turn to facial expressions, body language and even physical touch to express myself. Words are secondary. I find myself unable to speak. I grew up selectively mute and to this day am very quiet. But I am very emotionally in-tune. I am easily strongly effected by others in an emotional way. And I am a lake of plenty emotions. Its as if I have an emotion about everything.

Its just hard to talk. I need others to understand me on that primal, animalistic, childlike level. Otherwise, good luck!
Does anyone understand that some people aren't good at communication? Is it a good thing?
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