Am I wrong for telling?

So i lost my father in 2017 i held his body for 2 hours I lost my mind started partying I had 3 kids and married by the time i was 24 I didn't have a life never did family vacation outings nothing So i cheated i had a side dude and i was his side girl I left my husband moved alone I tried dating but side dude always had issues with it So out connection i have never felt We talk about everything he's my best friend we went out of town and he realized how happy we would be together He got kicked out the house and was staying with his mom So he had to take a trip for his duaghter graduation said he's bringing his mon and daughter Mind u he slept at my house the night before told me it was me and it was going to be us Found out he went with his girlfriend/ bm Which crazy part is i wouldn't of cared if she went because it was for her step daughter graduation So when i was blowing him up he tried to loe to cover it up I snapped an told his girlfriend I feel like shit like k i betrayed him and ruined his life He won't speak to me part feels guilty i should of walked away peacefully and other part like fuck it !
Am I wrong for telling?
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