So nowadays being faithful and sweet isn't good enough anymore?

My boyfriend has been getting demanding on things too much. It has gotten to the point he practically forced me to agree to a verbal contract. My only negative trait is I hate fixing the house every single day and don't do elaborated dishes. He wants me to improve on those two and fast.

With the exception of my auto insurance, I've never felt the need to do a ''contract'' in a relationship. He kept repeating twice ''You get lazy and mess up again, it's over do you understand'' and I said yes twice. Is this even normal?

He's ordering how my kitchen should be organized like too. My efforts are suddenly not good enough and being faithful is just part of the relationship but not what makes it all complete. So nowadays with people demanding, putting conditions or breaking up over anything, is being faithful and sweet not good enough anymore?
1 y
I'm just a sweet, faithful, average worker and average cook. I just live a simple life. He wants more or else it's over.

I feel like he is using his ''I'm now a successful manager, I got more options now so I can dump you anymore'' thing on me. It's know he's nows I'm at disadvantage, I'm getting older and in a rush for a family and is using that against me.

Also, even if I succeeded... I might not love him anymore by then. I'll be drained out by then.
So nowadays being faithful and sweet isn't good enough anymore?
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