Was this sarcastic and am I in the wrong?

We had a disagreement about him not answering me when I asked semi innocent intimate questions. He said he doesn't mind answering but he has a problem with me not being happy with the answer or some crap that isn't true bc I'm always happy with the answer, which is just a simple yes. I never make him describe his answer in sexual detail, I just ask simple yes or no questions.

Then I said this and I feel like his response was a sarcastic one bc of our previous disagreement. I didn't ask him a question yet he still says "yes" and it didn't make sense. I didn't get angry but tried to clarify before accusing him of being sarcastic and he just gets angry. Who's in the wrong?
Was this sarcastic and am I in the wrong?
He doesn't use punctuation. He meant "Yes. There's a good answer" also sorry for the typo's, I was typing fast
Was this sarcastic and am I in the wrong?
You think he said that to be sarcastic bc I said something intimate, not even asking a question this time? Or he's just not very bright and thinks that statement was a question and he actually though he should answer it?
He was being sarcastic, and got pissed when you questioned that
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He genuinely thought I wanted to hear "yes" when I just made a statement
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yo let's get some opinions please
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Jesus this post isn't about lingerie so no answers?
Was this sarcastic and am I in the wrong?
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