Would I be an a-hole if I left an Anonymous message to a guy telling him to check his girls phone?

So I know this girls ex, in fact I love him. He's a very close friend of mine and we also have romantic history.
she's had a past of cheating on him by sleeping with other men and then kissing another old friend. He ended up breaking up with her but he took years to get over her. Throughout their relationship she was texting multiple men romantic and sexual things. He even ended up finding out that she had left her ex for him in the beginning of the relationship and was openly dating with him and telling him they were meant for each other when she had a man the whole time.

For the last few years she's been sending him texts about how much she loves him, and then organising dates and not following through. she's had a boyfriend the whole time, but even mentioned that she's "Not with him" when asked. Yet they're actually moving in together and bought a house.

She won't leave my friend alone, in the past he's blocked her number but always ended up unblocking after some time to see all these texts about how she never stopped loving him. She calls him honey as if they are still together. She did stop for a little while but recently she's started again and telling him she loves him.

I've honestly grown to despise this woman. I'm thinking of anonymously texting her man to check her texts or something. Im not a bad person, so i want to know if i should I be doing this.

Let me know if im just being petty
10 mo
I dont know if I will follow through even if I do get a lot of votes to do it. Its a big thing to get involved in other peoples lives but when I heard she told him she loves him again, it made me very angry.
10 mo
I've decided I'm not going to do it. Its not really my style. I was very angry in the moment. But its none of my business. I'm sure someone will eventually bait her out, but it won't be me
Would I be an a-hole if I left an Anonymous message to a guy telling him to check his girls phone?
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