Fighting more than loving?

Me n my girlfriend spend lots of time together. We fight more than make love. I understand why she gets frustrated but I don’t think she needs to behave like this. I suffer from ADD and other mental health issues. It’s a problem at work and school. So I can understand her frustration to a certain extent. For example, I need things explained to 3 times and she knows that. Whenever she asks me to do something and I don’t understand. She gets angry and tells me “you can’t figure out anything. What the point in a useless man?”. I tell her I don’t like her talking to me like that and we end up not talking for a day or 2.

Last night night we were having good day. I took her out to eat and relaxed with wine in the hot sun after. Then the day was ruined very quickly. Again, I failed to follow her instructions correctly. She got mad and said “you never listen, this why I don’t feel sexually attracted to you, you’re selfish”. I’m used to hearing stuff like this, but it hurts more coming from someone who’s supposed to love me!

Most days together starts off happy talking about a future together, getting married etc. Then the moment I slip up it’s all hell breaks loose. On the flip side she does a lot for me without me asking. She even said she cut male friends out of her life for this relationship. Is this worth staying?
Fighting more than loving?
Fighting more than loving?
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Fighting more than loving?
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