Ex boyfriend talks about suicide and being in a lot of pain?

So basically it's been about a month or more after my boyfriend dumped me. It was hard for me to get back to feeling alive again, stop crying everyday... However, from time to time we still talked, it was not a continuous no contact (one or two times per month). And the last time, he said he's been thinking about suicide, he said he felt useless. Then he said he got into a rebound relationship but it made him feel worse. He said he's experiencing a heart wrenching pain. And said we can't be together, since it would be the same and it wouldn't function because of him (which is true, because he was very self centered, controlling to the extent of not wanting me to study, and at times, really abusive). He acknowleged that he has a problem, and apologised for the past pain and hurt he caused me. However, I can't continue my life with no remorse after he told me he has suicidal thoughts, he gets into negative mental loops... It's not something new. When I met him, he was like this, but over time and the fact that he was leaning on me, he got better. After I got mistreated and I couldn't handle being there anymore, and started fighting back and defending myself, since I was neglected and used as punching bag and blamed for his shortcoming, he left me and he got back to the same state of inner chaos. Before the last time he left me, he had already left me before, but came back the following day, promising he will not use weed or alcohol again. I forgave him, and took him back, but things went downhill anyway. The last thing I told him is that it doesn't matter how much he hurt me, if he ever had any suicidal thought he could contact me through email (because when I suggested going to therapy, he refused). Is there anything else I could have done? Is he even real in what he says, or is that just manipulation?
Ex boyfriend talks about suicide and being in a lot of pain?
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