Guy has criminal background—when do you let the past be the past in dating someone?

Over the course of a year, I have fallen in love with a man who occassionally comes to service my work place’s building.

He has also developed feelings for me which we both recently admitted to.

The characteristics he has exhibited so far in my observation of him over the past year are:

-Kind hearted
-Always willing to give a helping hand to anyone without expecting anything in return
-Showed me he values integrity — turning in money he found in the workplace. Said if it’s 10 cents, he doesn’t touch it.
-Says his boss trusts him immensely. After 5 years working for his boss, the boss has gotten to a point where he trusts his honesty and intrgrity so much, he no longer asks him for reciepts of materials anymore, yet he still provides them no matter what
-Goodfather to his children
- Reliable & prompt to his job
-Highly respected by his boss and colleagues —so much so they begged him to stay
-Hard working man with his own business and side maintenance job—in some ways even a workaholic
-Transparent in how he's thinking/ feeling
-Told me back when he was a mechanic, some people have gave him the run around in paying him, but that the hurtful part for him was not the money but the lack of integrity and dishonesty

Honestly, I fell for him because of the integrity factor and ALL these things I learned about him. I really did.

However, recently when getting to know him more, he shared that from highschool till the age of 30, he had been selling pot and coke. He’s 50 now.

Said he stopped doing it for the wellbeing of his young daughters and all the lives he had affected. He didn’t elaborate too much on the affecting other peoples lives part. Not sure if from guilt.

I know this was 20 years ago and I wouldn't want someone to hold the past against me, but how do I know when I should let the past be the past? I am heartbroken hearing this because I don’t know if I love him anymore
Guy has criminal background—when do you let the past be the past in dating someone?
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