My friend’s boyfriend flirts with me and she ignores it?

We’re all friends and go out drinking a lot, it’s how we met him. He originally wanted me and I rejected him so he went to her. We’ve known him for a year. Lately the past few times we’ve gone out he has started really flirting with me, in front of her. I don’t remember any of this because I’m always really drunk when it starts happening but she said he does it non stop. Last time, he tried to touch my leg in the car when I was passed out and she asked him to stop. Later, he straight up told me he was attracted to me and tried to kiss me 3 times (I pushed him away). The next day my friend was upset and crying about his flirting with me but then of course she forgave him after he said some bs like “I only want you I want to make you the happiest woman I love you so much blah blah”. She doesn’t know he tried to kiss me but I’m nervous to tell her, she’s the most insecure person I know and she was sobbing her eyes out about how she’s not good enough and how he wants me and I didn’t have the heart to tell her what happened. What should I do in this situation? I don’t know why she always forgives him and allows it to happen and I feel bad but I don’t want to hurt her more. I feel uncomfortable going out with him but she always invites him, even when I tell her we should go out without him she ends up asking me,
My friend’s boyfriend flirts with me and she ignores it?
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