Do you think this girl likes me?

There is a girl I've known for 10 years but haven't seen for many years. Her mother used to work in the same place as my nother. Sometimes it would help with my studies, we're the same age. Now her family has opened a restaurant and my mother works as a cook there. I also go there at noon and the girl helps there. As She walks side by side, her face turns red like this, she smiles with her head bowed. Does she like me? Today, it was as if she wanted to talk to me. she was smiling, her face was red. but she didn't have time because she was working. When I go there, I stop for a maximum of half an hour. I sent a request on Instagram, she accepted and she started following me too. Let's see what will happen in the next days? I am suitable to be a lover or even a wife. I am a government employee. I get well done in many matters and I always help with housework. The girl is also really beautiful. You can also look at my profile picture and comment on me.
Do you think this girl likes me?
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