Communication is the key?

Today me and my fiancé spoke we got talking which communication is always the key to knowing each other and working our relationship. He told me he has a feeling I will get tired of him in the insecurities of his I know he has dealt with past gfs leaving him and his afraid I will do the same I have spoke with him that he knows very well since the beginning of our relationship that I wouldn’t leave him I chose him over my ex that cheated on me which he knows about, going back to topic we both spoke and I made sure to him looked him straight in the eyes and told him I wouldn’t leave him and I gave him a hug and he hugged me tight as I did with him and he told me he “I love you” I just want to know from guys I know you guys love to hear this from your partner know that “I will be with you I’m here to listen to you on your good days and bad days, am I right?
Communication is the key?
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