Is my childs father missing us or just our child?

So about a month ago me and my childs father split and it ended up with the law being involved , i won't go much into detail , but im gonna say whats been happening recently, so i had put a profile picture of me and my child on instagram then i took my child to his house to let him see his father next thing you know he has a profile picture with him and our child also. I mean nothing too hinting right? Anyone can do that. Then his mother and i text ( we aren't allowed to contact each other for a certain amount of time) and she has said “ (fathers name) gets excited when i send him the pictures you send me of the baby” really random… because we werent even talking about him & were not together so it was kind of irrelevant, then his little brother came over to see my baby , and said so if the babys last name is his last name ( the fathers) then your last name is gonna be ( insert fathers last name) . I responded back saying “ uhhh well right now my last name is ( insert my real last name) he said oh okay… but he's only 9 years old im supposing they have not mentioned to him that we are not together anymore or something then my childs father has a youtube account that he streams his game plays off of he mentioned how his life was going saying “ my lifes going good well not the greatest but it is what it is you gotta go through the bad to get to the good parts” whats yalls opinions on this situation…. Is there a chance he could miss me and him or is he just interested in seeing his child ( not that its a problem i want him to want to see him but i want our little family back)
Is my childs father missing us or just our child?
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