Doesn't want a relationship, but wants me?

I'm having problems with a guy. I've been dating for 1 and a half years.

Every few months we have the same problem of 'I just don't want a girlfriend', so I leave and he 'wants things to go back to normal'.

I don't want things to go back to normal, I want to feel some form of security.

I realize relationships break up, and even marriages, everything I say is hypothetical, but he can't handle that.

Apparently I think about the future too much, but I'm not thinking about the future I'm just hypothetically speaking about him in it.

Why won't he leave me alone if he really doesn't want a relationship?

Does he genuinely like me?

He keeps saying he has to move in two years, and I know it's a long way off... but if that was me, I'd be speaking about the possibility of us moving together.

He says he has a lot to concentrate on, a masters degree, a phd, etc, etc, and also claims he can't balance them and a relationship?

We love each other very much, but how do I get it through to him that I'm different to any other girl he's been with and worth holding on to (if I do say so myself)

Please, help.
Doesn't want a relationship, but wants me?
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