Girls, I’m pregnant and I feel like I’m about to lose it. ?

I just want to vent. I’ll be 37 weeks with preeclampsia and I’m scheduled for a c section. Last time I’ve been checked, I was 2 cm dilated Im hurting , I’m swelling. I’m so exhausted that I feel asleep never in the middle of being active.
Depite me experiencing this, this is what about to me lose it. It’s that I can’t take it easy because Im still on my feet cleaning and have been taking care of my boyfriend. He has a really bad gout flare up. I’m pissed because he won’t take care of him self. He won’t go to the doctor , won’t get medication and eats all the stuff that causes him to flare up. It’s so bad, he can’t walk or walk.

So I’ve been having to go back and forth and see about him, change our urine bottles, go to the store to get him oct pain meds, feeding and cleaning up after him while trying to get our place together and trying to go to school online.

I don’t mind helping him but it’s just the timing of it and because he refuses to get any help for his gout. I’m also upset because I’ve told him so many times to help me around the home and he won’t but promises he will. He won’t clean, go grocery shopping, do laundry or anything. I never asked him to do any of those things until it started getting harder in my pregnancy. He would always tell me to let him know when I needed , but I see now that was for show.
Girls, I’m pregnant and I feel like I’m about to lose it. ?
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