How to deal with a very busy boyfriend?

I've been dating this man for about 4 months. Everything is wonderful except that he is a very busy man. He has two jobs and often travels for days. On top of that just when we started dating his younger brother died in an accident and he took responsibility to babysit his daughters often who are now left without both parents (it's very sad and I admire him for that). He is also dealing with renovating his house that he started before all this mess and going slow because he has no time, but he told me that he really wants to finish it (he said working on the house is kind of his hobby, it helps him distract from all the problems). I get that, I understand everything, but naturally all this leaves very little time for me. We are still fresh and I don't want to nag him, I give him as much space as possible, but I'd lie if I didn't miss him or get disappointed every time he couldn't make it to the date because of things he needs to do or something that came up. We see each other 2 or 3 times a month... But when he's with me, he is fully with me. We spend all day and all night together, he makes sure nothing distracts us, he even turns off his phone most of the time. He has also been there for me in couple of occasions where it was urgent (if it is something urgent he will drop everything and come to me). We talked about this and he said that he is aware that we should see each other more, but that right now he can't. Even when we met he told me that he has two jobs and not a lot of free time, but that he wants a relationship if that's something I can live with. I was so head over heels for him that I accepted, but now I'm not so sure anymore... The biggest problem is that I don't trust him 100% that he is really THAT busy, a voice in my head keeps saying that when a man loves a woman she will be a priority, and my fear is that he's just not that into me.
How to deal with a very busy boyfriend?
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