My alcoholic ex is begging to hang out?

so basically my i lived with my ex for a year. He was an alcoholic and verbally abused me. My breaking point was one night he came home drunk and i hid the remote so he could not use the tv to turn on loud music ( he always does this) and he came into the room and grabbed me by my hair. 1 month later i moved out.

he has been getting sober and talking to a councillor since. But insisting on working to get back together. I've made it clear i dont want to. Now he's just been begging me for the past week to hang out as friends. So finally i have agreed. But i just really dont want to. The thought of him makes me sick. I do want him to get better i just feel like I've been guilt tripped into hanging out with him. He always says be misses me and he is loney.

i just know hanging out with him he will bring up getting back together. So how do i let him down softly?
My alcoholic ex is begging to hang out?
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