He left me for another girl twice? Is there something wrong with me? ?

I dated this guy before and he and I got along well. We had a good relationship. 3 months down the line he told me he doesn't wanna speak to me anymore or see me because he’s found another girl who he wants to take seriously. I was really upset. Wouldn’t say heartbroken I got over it quite fast but I was upset for a while.

I started noticing that he never took me out during the 3 months we just had sex and I’d go to his house and sleepover and we would just have sex. He took me out once. After he rejected me and left for another girl he would always drunk call me but I ignored it. And he’s message me asking where I am but I ignored it as anyone would.

I saw him out the other day clubbing and silly me took him back. He told me he missed me and regretted everything he did and we had sex twice. I was so stupid. He started saying he wanted to take me seriously so we spoke again. He always said how he misses us having sex and how I feel really good to him.

He dosent know I know but I saw him on a date with another woman. Right time right place otherwise I would have never known. After the date he messaged me and he wasn’t the same anymore. He was just saying how he dosent know how he feels at the moment about me and him since other stuff is going on. I’m guessing he means the other woman. I ignored him this was last night. He also said ‘You know how me and you are we just’ and then didn’t carry on with the rest of his sentence but I’m guessing he meant sex.

I don’t get it is something wrong with me? What do I do now? I don’t wanna be his backup plan everytime. He makes me feel so insecure even though I know I’m very attractive and have a good figure and have a great personality? Why is that not enough for him! I always drive to go and see him and support him with things. Why is this happening? What do I do now just carry on ignoring him since he said he’s unsure about Me?
He left me for another girl twice? Is there something wrong with me? ?
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