Clubbing tomorrow with my boyfriends ex?

Tomorrow is the birthday party of one of friends, she is mutual’s with my boyfriends ex. So we were both invited to the party, as well as my boyfriend too. The ex and I hate each other, we fought a lot before and she kept trying to flirt her way back into a relationship with my boyfriend. For those reasons, he cut her off and ended the friendship. I’ve been glad that she was out of our lives, but I’ll see her tomorrow. We’re getting drunk and going to a club, the whole situation stresses me out. I’m scared she’s gonna pull something with my boyfriend or that in a drunken rage I’m going to pick a fight with her. We agreed to go before knowing that she was also invited and feel bad to back out now. Any advice to hold my ground without making a scene?
Clubbing tomorrow with my boyfriends ex?
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