What is Love? Did You Know?

Lots of people here want to define love but in 1993, there was an artist who figured out the answer. He questioned what is love and he questioned what pain might be as a life philosopher. And I have seen so many questions on here now in 2022 or 2025 or whatever the year this is now where young people are asking what love is.

But they aren't asking as hard what isn't love even though you get some person answering a question telling their shit with their rapist serial killer boyfriend/girlfriend.

So here is what is love. Here is the culmination of millennia of human history without your cell phones and facebooks and googles are what not from somebody who had to study it the better way, the hard way, the true way that you all miss nowadays just jerking off left and right to an Apple or Android icon.But if you think you have a better answer for what is love, then you can try to provide it under the shadows cast by the master that is Haddaway while you're typing questions in the dark that probably no one else will notice.
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I'm sorry. I just thought it was stupid and funny question because I got the song stuck in my head and it won't go away. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I hope everyone has a Happy New year!
What is Love? Did You Know?
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