Is anyone also antisocial to this degree?


27f, I don’t know if I changed naturally or if lack of friends growing up caused me to just shut down & not crave much company. I never really had friends growing up, it was usually one or two people but things usually just fizzled out or we stopped talking for whatever reason. I always thought I wanted friends but realized that people are just drama & I’d rather be alone than with people that turn me off. Outside from meeting guys on dating apps rarely, I don’t go to any social events in my life. I talk to gamer friends via game chat once in a while & have an online friend that I haven’t spoken to in months. I go out with family but haven’t went out with friends my own age in years. I usually prefer if people make the first move to reach out to me, anyone else have this lifestyle to this extent? Just not hang out with friends often or ever? I’m going to be in this same boat in my 50’s 😶
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Is anyone also antisocial to this degree?
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