My ex says we’re over for good, but continues to call and text me. Why is he being so hot and cold?

My ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up for close to two months now. He broke up with me mid-fight one evening, impulsively.

For two weeks I was very heartbroken, but he did not make any attempts to fix things.

I started talking to this very attractive guy who moved to my town, and he asked to take me out one night. I explained my situation and that I wasn’t ready to date, but that we could go out as friends. He agreed.

After a few too many drinks, he and I ended up going to his place and making out. I ended up taking a photo of myself and the guy kissing, in my drunken state, and sent it to my ex. In the morning I was appalled at myself.

Obviously a huge mistake, my ex was VERY upset. He was very mad at me. I told him sending him that picture was petty and wrong, and apologized, but I told him I wasn’t sorry about hooking up with the guy, as he was the one who broke up with me. AGAIN, I was remorseful for sending the pic, though, and made that clear.

For just over a month now, my ex has been extremely hot and cold. One minute basically saying he wants to work on getting back together, and on the other hand being mean and resentful towards me. He also refuses to see me in person.

My anxiety and depression have been at an all-time high while waiting to see if things pan out. Finally, two days I go I told him we either sit down together and figure things out (like what steps we can take to get back together), or if end things for good. He ended up refusing to see me and was very mean, again. He said it was over for good.

I ended up telling him that was my closure and all I needed to know and now I can move on for good. I respectfully asked him to please not reach out to me anymore so I can move on.

He keeps texting me and getting mad over the ultimatum, saying it’s unfair. I don’t text back. He even tried calling me a few times. I didn’t answer any texts or calls.

If he doesn’t want to be with me, then why is he continuing to try to reach out?
My ex says we’re over for good, but continues to call and text me. Why is he being so hot and cold?
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