Isn’t my mom coming across as rude when she says this?


27F I’ve already confronted her about it & she apologized, but I know she will do it again. She’s been doing it since I was younger. I’ve always struggled with making friends and maintaining relationships. As in platonic, my love life has been nonexistent. With friends, I used to feel like it was one sided and I did more reaching out. Since college, I have taken a complete step back & usually don’t ever reach out first. When I would complain about someone not reaching out or if she asked how someone was doing and I said “I don’t know, I haven’t heard from them”, she would say “well you can reach out to them too”. When I was younger and I would playfully say I haven’t heard from her in a while, she’d say “the phone works both ways”. She always plays a game of devils advocate & I called her out. While she has a childhood friend that always makes the first move to reach out to her but you don’t see me encouraging my mom to initiate something for a change. She’s being a hypocrite, she makes comments about how I remind her of her mother, in the sense that she always has to reach out to us first. Maybe it’s anxiety from my end but people are just so meh.

Isn’t she wrong for doing this?
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Isn’t my mom coming across as rude when she says this?
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