How to deal with a shy/antisocial partner?

I am in no way asking for people to make a decision for me, i know it is my decision to make in the end. Just need some perspectives on ways to deal with a partner who is extremely shy and anti-social. Been with my girl for 7 years (both adults) and It is perfect. She does have one flaw and I am willing to accept it but want her to TRY. She is very antisocial and shy. She only has one bestfriend (her girly as she refers too) and is close with her family. I too consider myself anti-social (i do not go out of my way to meet new people) but I am very social with my friend group (aka the boys!). I brought her a couple times to hang out with the boys and their gfs (years ago) but during that those times, she never talked/talked first. They had to try talking to her FIRST and she would just respond one word answers making it a bit awkward for everyone. But she's my girl and i won't let that affect our relationship. Basically she won't talk to you unless you talk to her first, but she will give you one word replies. Eventually me and the boys lost touch because we got busy with our lives. Now we are back at it and just getting together more often and it is great! But id love my girlfriend to come along and i really want her to be friends with their gfs, but she doesn't want to come hang. She makes it clear she is shy and does not want to make new friends. She is content with me, her family and her childhood friend as part of her circle. So i respect it but everyone wants to see her! So I keep asking but its always a no and i try and try but she eventually snaps and gets mad, so i back off and she tells me to go without her. Like i said, i will accept it if she refuses, but if there are tools/advice to get her to come out and eventually be friends with them, i wouldn't mind hearing perspectives and trying. Anyone with a partner like this? did you just accept it?
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Would i be an a s s if i kept pushing her? i keep telling her what is there to be shy about? no one will bite? but its always no.
How to deal with a shy/antisocial partner?
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